Hello, All!


Well, this is my very first post, so before I say anything else, my thanks go to God, my family, and my beloved companions. Knowing me, I’d no doubt leave someone out if tried to list them all, but…
they know who they are!

I’ll probably list some of the same info from this post in my “About” section later, but I wanted to go ahead and say it here.

Now that this is done, I thought I’d give you a little more info about what you can expect to find here – – bearing in mind that my blog is in its infancy, so it’ll take time to add more content.

This blog was inspired by Alexander Hicken, who invited me to contribute to his site, http://MormonYSA.blogspot.com – – which I definitely recommend. (And I also highly recommend you check out the YSA writers’ support group he started on Facebook!) had already been interested in blogging for some time, and being blessed with such an opportunity was the motivation I needed to get me started. He also put me in touch with his friend, fellow blogger Heather Leigh Cameron – – visit her YouTube channel here – – who helped me get set up.

Keeping in mind the advice I had read before, I knew I needed to figure out what my blog would be about. I already had an idea for a post or two I wanted to write, but I needed a clearer vision than that.

Here’s the problem: as you have guessed by now, I’m a very eclectic person, and my interests range widely.
However, I realized something: maybe that wasn’t a problem. Perhaps my wide pool of interests just means I have a lot to draw from – – a lot of things that can spark my interest and provide content for the blog.

Ah, another piece of advice I read: keep your first post short! I don’t know how well I’m following that right about now, but let’s cut to the chase: What will you find on my blog? Well, first off, you can expect to see plenty of content from various fan-ships, if you will; I periodically find new topics to fixate on, and will likely be posting many photos and also some videos related to those topics. A few of my most recent interests are Skillet, Naruto (the anime; never read the manga), and Charice. I’m also interested in Michael Jackson, his children – – especially Paris – – Gackt, Christian rock, and music & dance in general.

Another interest of particular note is photography and art, especially fan art. I am continually collecting various pictures I find on the Internet, often via social media, and I think my blog will be a wonderful format for sharing and organizing it. (I also post many photos on Twitter, but that’s a much less organized format for sharing them. Not to say I don’t love Twitter – – I find so much great material there!)

News articles and blog posts are another interest of mine, so I plan on sharing things from those categories as well. Speaking of blog posts….

I can be pretty darn opinionated, so fully expect to find my own two cents scattered throughout the site, and in the blog posts I write on various topics.

And finally, there will no doubt be posts that don’t really fit into these categories; random videos, gifs, or other materials that I consider share-worthy…like a video of one seriously talented little girl rollerblading to “Beat It.”


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