Time for a Photo Purge!

In all honesty, I need to clean out my phone. With over 11,700 photos on it, I’m pretty much out of room. Since I have a concert coming up and want to have ample space for taking photos and videos of my own, I figure now is a good time to thin out my photo collection. Plus, my phone is running frustratingly slow at the moment, and I suspect the lack of space has a great deal to do with the issue.

I’m not just deleting things, though. Instead, I’m sharing them on here. I love sharing my passions with others, so this is a win-win for me. I’ll still have access to my photos, and other people will get to enjoy my finds, as well.

If you’re wondering how I managed to end up with so many photos, the answer is it’s surprisingly easy. I’m constantly finding beautiful pictures, often by happenstance, but also deliberately, as well. Searching for content to share for Fan Friday on Twitter has been an excellent way of finding fan art and cosplay photos, for example.

Additionally, I have any number of random interests or needs that pop up and result in photo-finding binges.

Well, clock’s a-tickin’, so let’s get on with it, shall we? (I’m not kidding about the time; I only have about 12 1/2 hours before this concert, and a considerable to-do list that needs to get taken care of. I don’t need to necessarily do a full photo clean-out, but I do need to make a sizable dent, particularly if I want to have enough room to accommodate some videos.)


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