Speaking Up, Speaking Out


Those of you who follow my blog have likely noticed that I mainly stick to picture-related posts, although I consider my opinion piece on the Legend of Korra to be the crown piece of my blog thus far.

One reason for the approach is that I can take a great deal of time, effort, and energy to write something like that, especially if it also includes the use of photographs and videos for specific purposes. And the elements of that trifecta—time, effort, & energy—aren’t things I can easily spare. That’s also why I haven’t updated the blog overall nearly as often as I would’ve liked to. My other activities and responsibilities—including a very labor-intensive fiction-writing critique group—have left me feeling more than a little scarce.

However, with all the madness an controversy going on in the world, I’ve become increasingly frustrated at not feeling that I have a voice. In the activities related to my fiction writing, I have to keep a very measured, restrained approach because I don’t want that part of my career as a writer to be damaged by the blacklisting and other backlash that tends to face people who hold and express views that aren’t in line with the popular chorus.

Of course, on a personal level there was still the fact that even here, where I don’t have to worry about that so much—I’m here very much building a readership rather than having to worry about alienating a sizable one that’s already present—I still have to worry about the potential arguments and negative responses. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with those things, especially because the downside of being a deeply emotional, sensitive, empathetic individual is that wounds cut quite severely and I’ll still feel the pain years after the fact.

I have an enormous amount of stress in my life already. Do I really need more? Nope!

However…the fact is that staying silent while society turns ever more Bacchanalian and hypocritical hasn’t done me any favors, either. Plus, at least I can be a voice on behalf of those who are being downtrodden or who are going disrespected and lacking in representation.
For those of you wondering about my political affiliations, here’s a quick summary:

I have a very high level of disgust and fury at both sides of the political divide, but I will also sometimes side with either one, depending on the specific issue. On matters like immigration, race, Islam & Muslims, war, and police brutality, I am more likely to side with the left-wing/liberal group.
But on issues of morality and behavior, especially sexual or sexually-related matters, like abortion and crossdressing, I am much more likely to side with the right-wing/conservative side.
Also, my faith in God is absolutely central in my life, and I strongly believe in His Word—Old Testament, New Testament, & Holy Qur’an.

In any case, I do hope to start posting more frequently here, and to make that happen one thing I’ll likely do is keep my posts shorter in length. If rather be able to make short posts more often instead of rarely or never posting because a longer piece feels too overwhelming.

I look forward to seeing you guys!


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