“Snips” & “Skyguy” [18 Photos]

Yes, fans, I know—Ahsoka hates that nickname. But hey, I needed a catchy title! 

Interestingly enough, I noticed that Anakin rarely used this pet name for her in the Clone Wars TV series after the point where she expressed her severe distaste for it…in the process of trying to kill him.

Sure, she mentioned that little tidbit while under a strong influence from the Dark Side, but I still say it was a wise choice on his part and a nice bit of continuity from the writers. It may seem like an obvious thing on both sides, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it from either.

(Wait. Come to think of it…Anakin really has a thing for listening to the Dark Side, doesn’t he? I’m suddenly less shocked that he actually paid attention.)

All that aside, not much more to be said. These are some photos I came across on one of my devices, and they were stored there September of 2016. I believe that many of them are screenshots—likely some favorite stills from tribute music videos.

Also, I do want to continue the kinds of posts that have been my bread and butter here; in addition to the more serious topics I want to address, there’s still plenty of space for sheer fun and enjoyment.

[Ps. My apologies if the spacing is inconsistent here; for some reason it keeps getting all janky for no apparent reason, changing things after I’ve already gotten them the way I wish.]



















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