Every Transformers Movie Ranked From Worst to Best — MovieBabble

One of the funniest things about this for me was the fact that I actually thought there were even more movies. It just feels like they keep getting churned out! In any case, I’ve only watched the first one and “Age of Extinction.” The first one was plenty of fun and really enjoyable, and I still enjoyed the robots themselves in AoE (especially Optimus & Bee!) but the lead actress there was irritatingly weak, useless, and annoying. I also agree about the fact that you would expect the dinosaurs to have played a much more central role to the movie, given how it was advertised. That honestly felt misleading.

I also watched a scene or two from early on in “Revenge of the Fallen” (I’m identifying it as such from the cussing ice cream truck…) The whole situation of what felt like their attempt to be funny or cool by making the robots vulgar…I definitely understood why our local reviewer had described that element as being awkward or uncomfortable. We were just flipping through channels at the time, and that scene put us off from bothering with it further.


Later this week, the 5th (gulp) Transformers movie from Michael Bay will be coming to theaters. Whether or not you’ve hated these films, they continue to make money both in the United States and overseas in absurd quantities, almost guaranteeing that new installments in the franchise will be made until those box office numbers start to dwindle.…

via Every Transformers Movie Ranked From Worst to Best — MovieBabble


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