Sunshine on a Cloudy Debate — BitterSweet

We avoid soy products, so the miso would be out. The rest of this, however, sounds fantastic! And my mother already uses turmeric in our food for the health benefits…but PLEASE allow me to warn anyone planning to try this recipe: turmeric is a ruthless stainer of clothes, so please be mindful of that! In any case, this recipe sounds pretty darn great. Maybe I’ll try it one day…once I actually start cooking!



The backlash was so swift and violent, it surprised me, even after years of studiously avoiding any and all comment sections. Immediately, cries of injustice came from the purists; lectures spouted from the health-fanatics; doubts, bordering on outright disgust, resounded among picky eaters the world over. Risotto made from sunflower seeds? What sort of heresy […]

via Sunshine on a Cloudy Debate — BitterSweet


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